Native New England / Mashantucket Pequot Nation

...With those differences noticed, it is understood that tribe members all over this country have an innate understanding of land rights and water rights, developed far before America as we know it existed. Their fight, which is all of our fight, is not about political gain. This is about survival. This is about protecting our environment so our physical self, our beloved bodies, can continue to exist...

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Native New England

As indigenous tribes and their allies continue protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, it is imperative that we ask ourselves, ‘how did we get here?’ Native American culture dominated this continent for thousands of years before the Puritans immigrated to these lands from Europe beginning in the mid-20th century. The tribes that lived here treasured Mother Earth and had an unwavering respect for the environment.

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Welcome to New Orleans

I feel like I'm in a spiritual version of Las Vegas. 

This is what I kept saying to my Uber drivers as they took me on my daily rides back and forth from Mid-City to the Garden District... 

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