Native New England : Who Will Protect the Protectors?

Who will protect those protecting our water? 

On Thanksgiving Day, hundreds of people gathered for the 47th annual National Day of Mourning, organized by the United Americans Indians of New England. The event took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts and was dedicated to the water protectors in North Dakota. "From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock" is what one sign read. 

The Thanksgiving holiday is an important reminder that history is written by the winners. For centuries, atrocities were committed against the Native Americans, by the colonists and by the governing bodies which wrongfully claimed America as their own. Indigenous lands were stolen, religious conversion was forced, bigotry, racism and genocidal acts of violence were inflicted on the hundreds of nations that lived for generations on this land. 

Acts of violence and violation of treaties are happening today. Literally, today. Learn about what is happening at Standing Rock from the Native American perspective and you will begin to understand.

The Native Americans who waked the streets of Plymouth yesterday, along with their many allies, remind us that we must read all sides of history, even if that means confronting information that challenges our own identity.  

These are a few of the faces of those protecting the protectors.