Cheers to the Unknown Stories!

Starting a new blog feels like slashing away part of my identity as if I am deleting my formative first years as a photojournalist. I'm saying goodbye, at least removing from the public view, my first photographs, my first travel essays, the first faces who let me into their lives with my camera. These are the adventures and the experiences of the majority of my twenties that I am putting into the archive and leaving be for a while; it is time to make them purely personal, respecting their incredibly important role to the development of who I am today.

But I have to remember, that in this field - the life of a artist, journalist, writer, photographer, photojournalist, documentarian, traveler, teacher, student, whatever I am calling myself that day - you can never truly say goodbye to the first work. The out-of-focus photographs and words scratched out in pen may be the most important steps I have taken in life. And that is something, that in this moment of digital renewal, I am needing to remind myself. 

It is exciting to have a blank page and that is what I am doing with this new blog. While I will be posting past work on occasion, I most look forward to sharing the next chapter of my professional and personal life here, as they are inevitably intertwined.

Cheers to new beginnings. To new adventures. To the unknown stories.