Welcome Fujifilm to the Family

Since I began working as a professional photographer, I have been a devoted Canon shooter. It has been the camera that has hung on my shoulder, whether I was on assignment of just hanging with friends, since sometime around 2010. Despite my love for this camera and all of the meaningful moments I have captured with it, the size and weight of my full-frame DSLR has been weighing me down. 

Over the past few years, I have begun to work on more intimate projects. These are bodies of work that document the places people live and moments amongst family members. After thinking about it for a while and deciding whether my next investment would be a new lens, upgrading my current body or buying a new camera, I went with the latter. 

So I called up my friend Phil who works at Newtonville Camera (my friendly neighborhood camera store) and told him my predicament. I wanted a small camera that wouldn't distract from the moment and allow me to document the quieter moments in life. My one requirement is that it would work in partnership with my Canon gear. The top of my wishlist was a Leica, but lets be real, I am a freelance photographer and writer and there is no way I can afford a Leica (right now).

So he suggested the Fujifilm X100T. It is 16.3 megapixels, weighs 14.1 ounces and is categorized as a point and shoot. It also has wifi capabilities - a feature I didn't think I cared about until the first time I used it in parternship with Instagram.

After a month, I am loving this camera and appreciate how nonintrusive it is. I have started taking more pictures of friends and the random moments in my life and have stopped feeling that I am strapped into myself when I walk down the street. There is a learning curve and I am still on it, but so far so good! 

2016_06-07 - FujiFilm - rcerrotti-005.jpg
2016_06-07 - FujiFilm - rcerrotti-008.jpg