Family Archival Services : Preserve the Past

As a child, I wasn't particularly interested in family history. It was always common knowledge that my grandparents were immigrants and that my maternal grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. That was simply a piece of my identity. It wasn't until I was in college and pursuing a career in journalism that I asked my grandmother to tell me her story. Throughout the last year of her life, we shared conversation. She spoke and I wrote. 

When she passed away in 2010, I discovered a treasure trove of archive information - hundreds of photographs, diaries and documents - some dating back to the 1920s and others as recent as the early 2000s. With that, I became a family historian. 

Learning one's history and preserving family stories is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to future generations. But, it is a craft and a tedious one at that. Let me help you! I provide a variety of services that range from interviewing family members to digitizing photographs and documents to creating albums that ties together stories and pictures. Prices and options are below. 

Digitizing Documents & Photographs

$4 per image (minimum of 50 images)

Organizing Photographs & Albums

Just organization : $125/hr (plus cost of album)

Album w/ family stories included : $160/hr (plus cost of album)

Interviewing a family member

Audio : $125/hr 

Audio w/ transcription : $185/hr

Video : $225/hr

Video w/ transcription : $300/hr

** Family history is unique. If none of these options fit what you have in mind, get in touch! **

** If you belong to one of the communities where I have presented Follow My Footprints, 10% of all proceeds go towards that project, your community or It's Good to Dream Sometimes Fund.