Rachael Cerrotti

(B. 1989, Boston, Massachusetts)

Rachael Cerrotti is an independent photographer, writer and educator. Her work focuses in on grief, resilience, and the perception of home. 

She holds a degree in Communications from Temple University and is an alumni of The Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While living in Israel, she was an intern and contributor to Flash90 Photo Agency, covering cultural and political events throughout the country. In 2013, she was a year-round nature photographer for the YMCA’s Berkshire Outdoor Center in western Massachusetts and since then has been a freelancer for various non-profits and organizations. 

For nearly a decade, Rachael has been pursuing her long-term project, Follow My Footprints, retracing her grandmother's route of displacement during and in the wake of World War II. The story, which travels through Central Europe, Scandinavia and across the United States, is an intergenerational approach to understanding life, death, and the will to move forward in the face of uncertainty.

She has won multiple awards from the NPPA’s Northern Short Course in Photojournalism annual contest and is a recipient of The Lori Minden Tancer Award from Momenta Workshops

While working in various communities, she bases herself between New England and Denmark. She is available for assignments worldwide.