Press Coverage


• USC Shoah Foundation : “We Share The Same Sky” is the first testimony-based podcast presented by USC Shoah Foundation, bringing history to life through exquisite narration, interviews and archival materials

• Times of Israel : Journalist traces grandmother’s Holocaust rescue from Nazis in unique podcast

• WBUR, Boston's NPR station, produced Beyond Sides of History, an award-winning multimedia series that includes podcasts, articles, photographs and video to tell the story of Rachael's We Share The Same Sky project in context of her friendship with fellow journalist and granddaughter of a prominent SS-officer, Julie Lindahl. It was produced by Frannie Carr Toth & Erika Lantz of Kind World & Cognoscenti.

Suggested Listening : Kind World - Refuge (episode #49) & Kind World - The Bridge (episode #50)

Suggested Watching : Beyond Sides of History  (the video, posted by NPR, went viral, accumulating over 700,000 views in just four days).

An adaptation of this piece was also aired by NPR's All Things Considered and Here & Now : How An Oral History Revealed A Family Secret and Sparked a Friendship

• Vlasta (magazine in Czech Republic) : in print, coverage of Welcome to Widowhood

• PRI's The World : Why Telling My Grandmother's Story Helped Me Better Understand Today's Refugees (interview aired on NPR)

• Næstved-Bladet (Denmark) / in print, coverage of We Share The Same Sky

• Lidové Noviny (Czech Republic) / in print, feature of coverage of the Boston Bombings